The Nevada State Demographer's Office serves the State of Nevada and the public at large by producing annual population estimates; total population projections; and age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin estimates and projections.

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2010 Census Data Being Released

The Census Bureau has begun releasing the 2010 Census data.  The initial data is for redistricting purposes and covers total population, race, ethnicity, population over and less than 18 years of age, and total housing units and their occupancy status.  We will be posting tables from this data as it becomes available and the opportunity to create them.  We will also be providing links to Adobe Acrobat versions of the census tract maps as they become available from the Census Bureau.   These links can be found at our Nevada 2010 Census page.

One new feature for Nevada’s census data is that there are 58 new census designated places that have been created.  A Census Designated Place (CDP) is a statistical area that is bounded by visible features.  As such, those boundaries may or may not coincide with boundaries of Nevada’s Unincorporated Towns.  Also, not all caps are towns for the purpose of Nevada’s estimates program.

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