The Nevada State Demographer's Office serves the State of Nevada and the public at large by producing annual population estimates; total population projections; and age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin estimates and projections.

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Our New Website

This is the first blog for the Nevada State Demographer website. We will be migrating from the old website to this one. We hope that you find it useful. This site is part of an effort by the University of Nevada, Reno to better serve folks who are looking for information and assistance. While the State Demographer’s office is still part of the Nevada Small Business Development Center we are also part of a larger effort to organize UNR’s outreach programs as part of the Business Services Group. Please feel free to look around our new website, it is still a work in progress. Also, feel free to comment about it and make suggestions to us on ways to improve it.

One Response to “Our New Website”

  1. Ben says:

    Hey, The new website looks great! It is now linked to the program news on the page.